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The Monadnock Pumpkin Festival was born when the city of Keene ended their 24 year tradition of hosting a pumpkin festival. Citing safety concerns following some riotous behavior just a block away from the footprint of the 2014 Keene Pumpkin Festival, the Keene City Council was forced to deny the permit for a festival in 2015. Simply put, they felt that the Keene Pumpkin Festival had outgrown it’s current home.

Residents and visitors alike were upset by the news, as were the dozens of non-profit organizations that depended on the revenue generated by selling food at the Keene Pumpkin Festival.

However, all was not lost! Just a couple of miles outside of Keene lay waiting the perfect new venue to continue the tradition that started so many years ago. The Cheshire Fairgrounds is an area perfectly equipped to handle such an event in a safe and secure environment.

Memorable Events, LLC is proud to be producing the Monadnock Pumpkin Festival. As a lifelong resident of the Monadnock Region, I couldn’t help but feel the void when I heard that the festival was canceled this year. One day driving by the Cheshire Fairgrounds I wondered “why don’t they do it there”…a phone call to the fairgrounds office got the ball rolling and I couldn’t be more excited.

We are truly honored to be working with outstanding business and individuals to build upon what we started and bring new traditions to the area, new memories to our children and wholesome family fall fun! See you on 10/12/2019!!

-Jennifer Matthews

Owner, Memorable Events, LLC